Understanding the importance of effective QA / QC process for our of business and in order to meet today’s challenges, FACO Fasteners has an implemented Quality Management systems in line with ISO 9001:2000’s requirements.

We have progressed in this aspect as follows:

  • Have well defined Quality Policy.
  • Have well designed Quality Management System.
  • Have well defined Job Descriptions.
  • Have Working Procedures & QC Instructions for all our manufacturing operations.
  • Full trace ability of our products back up to raw materials certificates.

Having progressed as above, our Quality Management system is certified by TUV CERT.
The responsibility & Authority for maintaining of the ISO 9001:2000-quality management system is given to our QA/QC department under the guidance of the relevant Manager and the Managing director as well.
We have effectively implemented Six Sigma in our Production processes in order to boost our performances.
“A lot of our potential customers are asking if we use it. They want to know if we’re focused on business process improvement, and the answer is yes.

Quality is back on the corporate radar in a big way.
The methodology breaks down problem evaluation into five distinct steps: define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Practitioners call this rubric DMAIC for short, pronounced “de-MAY-ick.

Firstly we figured out a way to consolidate and be smarter in how we deployed our machines. The Six Sigma process determined the root cause of the problem—that each machine got its own output, regardless of its capacity or bandwidth requirements—and then worked out the specifics to allow machines to share workforce logically and appropriately. The result: a 35 percent increase in output, with the attendant time and labor savings added back to the bottom line.